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My sisters had an appointment at advantage care where Dr. Lenovo Sychikov was extremely rude and inappropriate.

They arrived before their scheduled appointment and the person before them didn't show up. The nurse was very kind and offered to take their vitals. When the doctor saw my sisters she complained about why she was seeing them before their time even though the other patient was not there. The nurse argued that no one was there before them so it made sense for them to go in.

That's when the doctor became rude and her attitude unacceptable. Everyone in the lobby was shocked because she seemed to have a problem with my sisters because they are Muslim girls. Embarrassed my sisters decided to sit down and wait while the doctor continued to argue with the kind nurse. The entire staff was kind and pitied them because they as did my sisters and the other patients realized the doctor was being racist.

The nurse was very upset by the doctor and the staff apologized for the way they were treated. Going through with the appointment my sisters felt uncomfortable and upset by the way they were treated. As they were leaving the people in the front were very kind and apologized after hearing what happened. Overall the staff is amazing and empathetic but Dr.

Lenovo Sychikov was extremely rude and racist.

The old doctor was nice but this one not at all!! I'm very offended and extremely angry with this woman for treating young girls this way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advantagecare Physicians Internal Medicine Doctor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The 95th street location in Manhattan is a joke! Even the lame security guard is a very rude person!

Atmosphere like a prison! Staff walking on pins and needles!!!' Physician told me my eye is not so bad! Although I can't see out of it!

You have been warned!!!!!!! show!

to Adeajewel Adeajewel #1377600

Clown show! You have been warned!

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